Collaboration/Artist Residencies

Fulbright Year Collaborative Projects:

Czech-Slovene Literary Festival, 2016

Slovenian poet, Iztok Osojnik, at the Czech-Slovene Poetry Festival~Prague, 2016

It was my good fortune to travel with the Slovene Literary Council from Ljubljana to the Czech-Slovene Poetry Festival. We met with the Slovenian Ambassador, Leon Marc, to discuss literary exchanges  between Slovenia and the Czech Republic. Later, the conversation turned transatlantic as we discussed literary collaboration with the U.S. as well.

An offering that has come out of some of those conversations is a collaborative Central European-American 10-day writing residency in the Karst Region of Slovenia. This region is in the heart of Central Europe, sitting at a crossroad between Mediterranean and Balkan culture, encompassing three ancient traditions: Romance, Germanic and Slavic. Kosovel, Rilke, Slataper, Joyce, Saba, Dante, Hemingway and Calvino are just some of the writers some of the writers who belong to the cultural heritage of the Karst region.

More information on this upcoming event available soon.



Collaboration in Wales

New Welsh Review at Aberystwyth University, Winter 2018

my interview with Ursula Martin, author of One Woman Walks Wales~


At the Mushaira, a gathering for shared poetry and music, in Aberystwyth:


On the home front and abroad, I’m interested in what can happen artistically when disciplines within the arts are crossed: music, poetry, prose, theatre, dance, visual arts…..


Pleasant Street Books, Woodstock, Vermont (




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